Hospital Solutions

Health systems, hospitals, ASC’s and multi-specialty groups need to answer a simple question: Choose to be understaffed or at full capacity? These organizations and groups are simply paying too much money to be understaffed. Our new innovative way to solve critically understaffed nursing areas will undercut an existing way of doing business. Health systems and Hospitals that staff multiple departments through USRN Partners experience better patient outcomes and improved hospital metrics.

We partner with healthcare systems and groups who are interested in building new and innovative models of care. We are on the side of the cost angels. We identify RNs who offer high quality care, in more efficient settings with lower cost alternatives.

Whatever pain points your health system is experiencing, we have the people and processes to bring your care into alignment.

  • Reduce readmissions
  • Create efficiencies
  • Increase hospital capacity
  • Lower the cost of care
  • Improve health outcomes

We want to learn more about your hiring and retention goals. We will map out a perfect recruitment solution and get you started on your journey to fearless growth.