About the USRN Advisory Board

The USRN Advisory Board allows clinicians to access information and participate in conversations directly linked to their profession.

In addition to creating excellent networking opportunities, the USRN advisory board is a gratifying way to see your advice effectuate change and help shape the healthcare landscape.

Empowerment is a crucial step in professional development. USRN information and discussions center around; compensation, benefits, recruitment, market trends, challenges, system efficiency, patient care, staffing ratios, management, work-life-balances, employee appreciation, education, staff development, rapid changes, training, retention and attrition costs.

We see many clinicians overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. It’s time for a change!

USRN Compensation Committee

All advisory board members will receive monthly compensation reports based on location and specialty. We rely on your feedback regarding these new hire compensation and benefit reports.

USRN Incentive Plans

Quarterly Q&A Calls with Special Guests

Engage in our quarterly Zoom calls. Opportunities to have a Q&A with our special guest speaker and discuss best practices and market trends.